Thursday, 24 May 2007

Prepped and Ready...

Well, I'm a bit past this stage now, but I thought you'd like to see how I prepped Norma's piece. Everyone's work is just lovely, and that pumpkin color that Norma chose is just luscious! I'm so thrilled to be able to be a part of this group.

I basted using red thread because that's easiest for me to see on all colors of fabric. It's a five-count baste from top (underneath that beautiful beading) to bottom, because my design is oriented more vertically. As I work, I can clip the red thread and pull it from the areas I've worked, leaving it in place for the next segment of the Pattern. However (gives a cheeky little grin), I'm going to let Christine post pix of both Norma's and my samplers when she gets them...!