Thursday, 20 March 2008

Look what's arrived in sunny Australia!

On Wednesday I rushed around to the post office to collect my registered international parcel, which could only have been the package from Sarah. Inside were 2 beautiful pieces of work, the pumpkin coloured linen you will recognise as Norma's while the ivory one is Sarah's first piece on her own band.

Norma's now has 3 people's work on it, and is starting to take on its own identity. Sarah's is a "newborn" and you can see she has stitched with an Oriental flavour. I've arranged with Jenny to take Norma's "out of turn", so she can have something to stitch on. It's not that she has nothing to do at the moment, with a wedding and a 21st birthday quilt AND an exhibition coming up, but you know how it is ! You need to have an alternate project to relax with from time to time, don't you? I have them both pinned on my design board at the moment, hoping inspiration will strike me. In the meantime, I have a few minor projects to work on as well, VBG.