Friday, 22 June 2007

A WISP finally finished

While waiting for the next portion of our counted thread band round robin, I pulled out this quilt to finish. It has only been in the making for 15 years, but at least it is finally finished. Can't hurry these things now can we? Third quilt I ever started, eighth one I have finished, first one I have tried FMQing on. I take my hat off to people who FMQ their quilts. It is hard yakka & my aching arms keep telling me! On to make quilt number nine now, which is bigger than this one, so will have to think about how it will be quilted before I go too far. Just while I wait for the next round of this Counted Thread Band RR to arrive.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Ktj's band.

This has just arrived in the USA and so I can now post the photos.

The Band here was started by Ktj, whose work you can see at the top. The second section was added by Margaret. My addition is the bottom section.

Ktj's graceful design has been beautifully complimented by the exquisite knot garden design added by Margaret. The details she has been able to incorporate are truly awe-inspiring. I knew I could not follow with a design as complex. Indeed, it took me some while to feel brave enough to feel I could add to it.
Luckily, the cherry trees in the gardens around my house had all started to come into flower. So my design took the form of a postbox shaped picture taken across a cherry tree's bark showing some blossom and opening leaves. The following picture shows my initial sketch.