Friday, 24 July 2009

Jenny's Band for Margaret

Margaret's sampler now has another band. This one continues the pink & green theme that seems to be growing with this sampler. It took a while to think of a design to add, because I really wanted to open the fabric up. The fabric itself was an open weave & would pull beautifully. I had thought of pulled work, but could not quite settle for anything that made me happy. I then thought of drawn work, in particular the beautiful needleweaved patterns from northern Europe & Russia that we sometimes see in Schwalm work. I then thought that these might be a little too heavy for this sampler at this stage.

The end result is a combination of drawn & needleweaved channels edged with 4 sided stitch, combined with outlined large eyelets & radiating straight stitches.

This is the last sampler that I have to work on and I am a little sad that this is so. The RR has been such fun & the venturing out into colour combinations & new stitch combinations has certainly been an adventure that I hope to continue.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Margaret's Sampler

Margaret's sampler has just arrived in Australia. This is the sampler as it is today. The top row of tulips is by Margaret, the blackwork is by Mandy, & the final row by Norma.

Norma has used a combination of cross stitches & straight stitches in various DMC stranded, DMC perle 8 & over dyed straded threads.

The sampler is comming together beautifully, lots of pink shades with a touch of green & yellow/orange.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Mandy's Sampler

This is the latest work that has been done on Mandy's sampler. It is a mix of drawn thread work, pulled thread work, and blackwork. I have also used a mix of threads including DMC stranded ( 1 strand), DMC stranded (2 strands), and one of my own hand dyed DMC Perle 12's.

I have tried to be a little creative in using three colours in the drawn sections, and playing with what I could do with eyelets. The final blackwork row worked in a deep pink hopefully offers a stating point for the next person to work on this sampler. Full detais of how I worked this sampler can be read here. Mandy, I hope you like what I have done.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Jenny's Sampler.

Well, I have recently completed my piece on Jenny's sampler and here it is.

The picture below shows the whole sampler as it stands at this moment.

The beautiful Hardanger work is by Jenny herself. I really wish I could do justice to her work in a photograph. The orange band is by Margaret. It's a delightful design of sea horses and shells. My design simply had to follow on......... Not an easy task.

I was going through a phase of being fascinated by Chinese and Japanese art. So I trawled the books, including this rather good one.

The piece sat on my project board for what seemed like ages. Then I happened to find a website for Tattoo artists. I found it when I searched for Koi online. I had decided that it just had to be a pair of Koi, but I needed a starting point.
I had planned a trip to the local gardens and look at the Koi and draw them. I completed the search first. You can see the image I found at the bottom left. This was twisted, colour added and copied to produce two Koi.

I found the design work to be the easier part. What really got me in a mess was sorting out which stitches to use. I knew I wanted to use blackwork - or a modern variant. But which stitches. This took me literally months of trial and error.

What I found really interesting about the whole process was the recognition that Tattoo artists and embroiderers are looking for the same things when judging images. The images I saw on the Tattoo website were beautifully clear portrayals of an object - I shall look again for a similar website next time. I only wish I had had the foresight to keep the website in my favourites file!

Now the sampler is ready and waiting to be sent on the next stage of the journey.
I do hope you like it.