Sunday, 29 July 2007

Busy Times

Life in my little space has been hectic to say the least! So much so that I have only put needle to fabric twice this past week. Anyone who knows me knows that this is not normal for me. I stitch every day! DH & I have had to make the mad dash up the coast to a funeral, (an elderly neighbour of my parents & Mum to an old school friend). We did try to have a few days R&R but the weather was not kind. I came back to Sydney to full on work & socializing, only to get sick with some dreaded gastric bug. Definately not nice!

As to the RR, I would really like to see some response from some of the others that promised to contribute. I have no piece at the moment & have had nothing since February. I sent my own piece & Christine's piece off to Ktj months ago & last I heard, which was way back in March, Ktj was sending both pieces on soon. Nothing has been heard of since. I have e-mailed her a few times, only to be ignored. I thought perhaps that my e-mail was not working properly so I even tried using a different address, but that has also been ignored. I know she has received her own piece back so I think it only fair that that the two other pieces be sent on. It is interesting that M is also being ignored.

This whole thing is destroying my faith in some people. I feel so dissapointed when people say they will do something and then don't.

I entered this RR to to share my stitching with other people from around the world. I would really like it to continue. So if anybody wants to send me a band to work on, I promise I will.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Going fine in Central VA

Glad to hear you are feeling better Christine. There is nothing more frustrating to me than feeling too ill to stitch or read. I hope your recovery continues despite your sewing commissions. Your Beetlejuice costume looked great though.

I've been stitching and reading all your blogs the last couple of weeks but unable to blog much myself because I've been going out to work while the kids have been in a full day art camp. In fact I'm taking a break at work now and catching up on stitching blogs. I've discovered it is hard to get back to a full day at work. Not that I wasn't working hard - I've had three big part-time consultant jobs at the same time I've been doing my EGA chapter newsletter and embroidery with a kids group - but somehow the whole day at one thing is very tiring. Plus, we've had barn work afterwards on four days this week! I'll be glad when I finish today. The girls have nothing definite as far as camp goes during August so I'll be at home. And in September I'm back to 5 hours at work which is enough for me.

As for the RR, I too would like to see things continue since it is my first RR group. Maybe if we could find out where everyone's piece is and then find out who feels they can do a band right now, then we can send thing to the appropriate person. Things can always be sent back to a person who is busy right now.

For example, I have no band right now, but I can work on at least a couple during August - I'll have 3 nights alone up in Plymouth when I go to work on the embroidered jacket.

I know ktj has 2 pieces and I've emailed to let her know sending them to me is fine (saving the postage to Australia) but I haven't heard back yet.

Take care everyone,

Friday, 27 July 2007

Hello everyone, how are we all going?

I've been very quiet lately, recovering from the worst cold / flu I've had in over 20 years. It's been nearly a month since I felt well enough to stitch anything, but finally I'm feeling a little better. I've been surfing the net though when I felt up to it, keeping tabs on everyone on various groups and their personal blogs. Very glad to see Misa has finally posted to her blog, and with a very nice self-portrait photo too! Do I detect a hair cut? Sarah has been busy with beaded items, and Norma has been doing TAST and now Sharron B.'s Sumptuous Surfaces course, and I think I saw another of our Sisters mention it also. I haven't completed her Personal Library of Stitches yet, so thought I'd wait and see if she offers SS again in the future. I'm trying not to take on too many things at once (yeah, right, who am I kidding?)
I had to fit in some Eistedfodd sewing recently despite being off colour, and now I have a wedding outfit needed in 4 weeks! I finally did one sample for TAST and posted it on my personal blog and Flickr group. And I discovered a really neat locator map to put on my blog, it's really nice to see where the visitors are coming from, especially if they don't leave a comment. Well, that's all my news, still hoping for a parcel from overseas in the near future with some Counted Thread stitching in it. I'd love to see the RR continue if possible, it's my first RR and I've told everyone about it at my EG group and they are intrigued.
Hooroo for now,