Monday, 16 April 2007

Needlework photos from England

Hi all, I'm home.
I just had to share these photos with somebody, but for copyright reasons, I prefer not to put them on my regular blog. But since I'm just sharing with a few special friends, here are some pieces from the Victoria &Albert Museum.

On the day we went the Textile collection was closed and I was very upset. The worst thing was, I thought I'd missed Martha Edlin's casket.

But then we started looking through the museum and in the English 1500-1760 section I found the casket and more.

This piece is only about 5x5 and wonderful, although my photo is a bit blurry.

This is maybe about 3x6 and they call it a pincushion.

The next two are small purses.

It was all wondeful. I'll write some more on my regular blog this week, but I had to share these photos with you.



NormaH said...

Glad you made it back safe and sound and had good weather to boot! WOW! very impressive stitchery. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jenny said...

Margaret, thank you so much for sharing! These are beautiful!

Christine said...

Sounds like you had an interesting trip, Margaret. Don't you just love crewel embroidery? Lucky you are a good sleuth, VBG. I can't think of anything more frustrating than going all that way only to find the collection you wanted to visit closed! I'm still promised a trip one day, I'm the only family member who hasn't been overseas I think. The UK is definately on my agenda, museums, historic houses, real costumes..... Thanks for sharing your photos with us.
Hooroo, Christine.

Mandy said...

The photos are wonderful. I am so glad that you enjoyed your trip.

Sarah E. said...

Christine, your photos are just luscious! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to our blog (y'all know about the tornados...VBG). Truly beautiful work there, you lucky thing to get see it all up close and personal!

Maria del Valle said...

Thank you for showing us these pictures, dear friend
I like so much, this type of embroidery!!!
Kind regards