Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Adding to Jenny's Sampler

My lecture preparation and family activities took all my time over our long weekend (I shouldn't be surprised, it always happens) but I finally have a quiet hour to show you what I am working on.

To start with, here is the page from the Color Play book by Joen Wolfrom that I used to get an idea of what colours I should look for. I used the same book when I was trying to figure out a palate for Christine's sampler. Here is the aqua page - since that is the colour of Jenny's band.

Here are the flosses I found to go with the band. I just loved the way these colours looked together and decided I had to use them.

As I mentioned at some point, I wanted to do something to do with the sea, but then the colours I found weren't the colour of sea life. Then I remembered this great sea horse motif I found while researching Assisi work at
so I used that. I have designed a shell motif to go above and below this, but I wanted you all to see the start.

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Mandy said...

What a wonderful combination of colours. I look forwaerd to seeing how the design develops.